Can I update my email on Glitch if I signed up through GitHub?

I signed up through GitHub with an old email I no longer use. My new primary email is what I would like to get emails through, but I can’t update my email on Glitch? Is it possible that someone could update it for me, or is there another way I can sync it to my GitHub email?

Sorry, i think you may need to create a new account. Dont fear, though! You can always share your projects with the new account and sync Github again.

If you have Gmail you can go into settings and have emails forwarded automatically.

Thats not what he was talking about :man_facepalming:

But it can still be a solution.

He probably knew that. He was asking about syncing his new email to glitch. He never mentioned emails.

I think he did but we will just wait to see what he says.

Hey edwrdddd,

We can change your email but can you please send a request to That will ensure it gets to the right team.


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