Change Account Email

Hey Cori! I created an account using email sign-in. Now I need to change the email address on the account—I will no longer have access to the previous account that I used to sign-in. How can I do this?

Hi @wearhere, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We can change your email address for you, but we will need to verify that you are in fact the account owner, and without access to the original email that’s going to be a challenge. Are you still logged in to Glitch with the old account?

Hey Cori! I am still logged into Glitch with the old account, and, if it’s simplest, I continue to have access to the original email for the time being. I will lose access to the original email in the next few days but not immediately.

The account is @engtestuser and the email is

If you still have access to that email for a little while now, you can send an email referencing this topic and the email you want to switch to to from the current email on the account and that should suffice.

Cool, sent an email.

Hey @cori, did you folks receive my email?

Problem solved over email, thanks!

I don’t see a button for “closing” this thread, but that could be done at this point.

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