Can I use glitch to develop my php cms?

I’m brand new to glitch, am wondering if I can use it to do development on my php cms platform? I’ve never really figured out how to use git, but this seems like it might be a simpler interface.

Will it allow me do set up my download on git, do script editing with version control, and maybe live testing right through the glitch interface?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can give!

Hey, welcome to the forum! So Glitch officially supports Node and has Node starters,among others, but I’ve heard of people running Python on here, so it might not be impossible. But I am going to assume you won’t have the best experience. Even the front-end starters are significantly faster than anything full stack.

Otherwise, Glitch runs git under the hood. A remix is really a fork, and any change you make is technically a commit. Your project is in a container, behind the scenes. You can import/export to Github but I will admit I’ve had issues with that in the past.

If you’re familiar with Node at all, I’d try out one of those starters and see how you feel about working with a full stack app on here.

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