Can't delete projects?

I have some projects that I am giving to other people, and I found that I can not delete it…

both delete buttons are gone, and I can’t transfer ownership…

the project is mc-thing

all of my projects are like this :sweat_smile:

The ‘Delete’ option usually vanishes when you’re not the one who made the project, and was it made with someone else? I’ll ping @glitch_support so that they could transfer ownership of the project!

I am the owner of the project :thinking:
And I can’t leave the project either, it gives an error.


I’m sorry you were having trouble transferring ownership/deleting a project. Were you able to get this sorted? If you need additional help here, let us know!

I am not able to delete the projects, no :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know! In case you didn’t hear, there is a bug right now preventing some users from being able to delete projects from their profile page. However, you should still be able to use the delete button within the project editor.

  1. Can you confirm that you are in the correct account when trying to delete your project? If you have more than one account, you may be logged into the wrong one.
  2. If you go into the project editor for mc-thing, click the arrow next to the project name to reveal the project options menu and scroll down, do you see the Delete button? (I know that you said you didn’t see the button previously, but let’s double-check to be sure!)
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I am in the proper account.
I do not see the button in deleteme-soon-01, deleteme-soon-02, and deleteme-soon-03 anywhere :frowning:

Thanks for your response!

Sorry if this feels repetitive, but Iwant to make sure you are going to the right place - because when I go into the project editor for deleteme-soon-01, I can see the Delete Project button.

Can you please confirm that you have tried the following:

  1. Open the project editor for deleteme-soon-01
  2. Click the little down arrow next to the project name to reveal the Project Options menu
  3. In the Project Options menu, scroll down to the very bottom. The Delete Project button should be revealed directly under the Keyboard Shortcuts button.

i do not see it there, no

Thanks for doublechecking.

It looks like you don’t have this option because you are no longer the project owner, and there are no other project members. This is connected to a bug we are currently looking into that allows projects to exist without an owner.

So you don’t have to wait for the bug to be fixed, would you like me to delete the project for you?

yes please, sorry for late reply

Cool! Thanks for letting us know!

I deleted the project, deleteme-soon-01

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:thinking: I used to see the delete button. Now I don’t either…

i can’t delete my project

Hi @NumaN2004 here are instructions on how to “archive a project”:
How do I archive or unarchive a project on Glitch?

If you prefer that your project be permanently deleted, you will need to send us a support request.