Canvas javascript camera

I’ve been googling all day to get a good result, but I never do. I whant to create an camera that follows the player. I have the calculations, but all I need is how I implement the camera.

What are you trying to achieve? Is this part of a game?

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Yes, it is. Im trying to get the camera to follow the player but I don’t know how.

Ok, is it the same player, or another player.

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Can you elaborate?

So most multiplayer games have a 3 rd POV for spectating. Because if you have that down, you can use that code to do this.

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Its the same player

Can I possibly have access to the project?

don’t move the player instead move the objects around it. The math for this will be a bit weird…

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I asked for access to see what he was doing. Because if he was making this, I would just grab the player object and just delete everything around it.

Sure, DMs