Changing node version

I have read the FAQ page that states if I add "engines": { "node": "8.x" }, to my package.json file, that glitch will change to the desired version? well, I’ve been sat here for about 5 minutes waiting for it to change from node 6 to node 8.x, and nothing is happening, I have "engines": { "node": "8.x" }, in my package.json file, and when I do node -v it returns this;

The console runs a different node version (but it can be changed with nvm use X). The version of node your project is using gets outputted to the logs during the installation phase, so that’s where you can tell if it’s picking up your package.json settings or not.

Thanks for that!, one of the things I need for my project needs to be compiled, so I think it was compiling against the console version of node!