[CLOSED] A glitch in Glitch?


I opened a project I was working on last night which is a todo list based on a new database called gundb.

All has been working fine until this a.m.

When I opened it for Live view, the data list was gone.
The input field and submit button remain.

There have been no changes in code since last save and Live refresh last night …
but I get a new line in Console in Chrome devtools:
“initializing Content Script message listener”

This appears to come from a chrome extension … but the extension is not named.
I’ve added no new extensions.

Has there been some change in Glitch code that might be causing this?

Right now, I’m dead in the water and have a project deadline approaching.


hmm…for some reason, closing down completely and restarting solved it.
Must have been a load or cache problem?


don’t see how to mark this as closed?


No worries, I changed the title for you :slight_smile: