Glitch Project Refresh

Hello, Glitch community!

I have recently discovered a problem with my glitch application where if I start writing out lines of code, the glitch app will refresh the page and all recently typed out code will be lost and I’ve found no way of fixing this. If you have a solution it’d be greatly appreciated, if any staff see this and want the project name it is: mikosabot

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hey cartar - sorry you’re experiencing this! can you let me know what browser and operating system you’re using. also, are you using the “show app in the same window” feature or is it in its own tab (i am going to pass this along to the team to check out for you and this info would be much helpful for them!)

Hello, I’m using google chrome on Windows 10 and I’m experiencing this issue in the code editor.


Can you try remixing the project?

If it not fixed, this is commonly because of your Internet Connection will show you that there is problem connecting to your page so you have to refresh the page

And try running your project on another browser

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As @HeemPlayz says, it may be a connectivity issue - but this is definitely something we have seen before and want to do a better job at preventing - we don’t want you losing your work! I’ve notified the editor team about this.

It has seemed the problem has stopped…?

I think I saw something similar when I was editing in Firefox, with possibly too many restrictions on javascript and cookies, causing the site to forget who I was, and attempt to reload as an anonymous project.