[CLOSED, DO NOT POST HERE] Duplicate process + projects stuck waking up mega-thread

Hey all! I’m sorry that y’all are encountering weird duplicate processes with your projects (like your Discord bots) and apps refusing to wake up.

If you can check right now and see this is still happening, please list the project names in this thread.

I’m currently investigating what is going on, but having your project names will give me something to manually stop and see if the issue persists!




is one

thanks @J-Tech-Foundation! I manually restarted your project a minute or so ago, can you let me know if the same thing is happening?

it is occuring no more!

project name: hidrabot
error: my website isn’t opening

Hi kutayyksl!

I took a look, and it looks like you have a discord bot - your Glitch project is not serving a website.


look to moduller/panel.js please @Johnicholas

The facts that the editor opens, and files can be edited, and the logs show up, and the command line console works, indicate that this is not the same kind of “project stuck waking up” problem. Maybe ask about it in https://support.glitch.com/c/discord-help/?

When i install express, in logs says that theres no Discord.js package but i install Discord.js it says that dont have express

ken-bot-beta not working


project name: galactic-holonet
error: modules not found (canvas, noblox, etc…)


is another of mine

nate-devbot and natebot-main are affected

~delicate-cyclamen and ~nate-devbot and ~natebot-main look up to me?

also, can you tell us a script we could run to stop this without staff assistance?

J-Tech-Foundation: I am still investigating, and likely any code will simply go out to everyone via the usual software deploy mechanisms; they will probably not be a script like enable-pnpm.

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