Community Open Thread 21 - April 7, 2023 🍀

It’s Friday, pals and this is the 21st Community Open Thread! 21 is my lucky number (and was my varsity field hockey number too) and today has been somewhat of a lucky day for me as well, so here I am paying some of that forward to y’all: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Also paying forward some of those good hyperlinks:

Ok now it’s your turn: what have you been working on, reading, all that fun stuff… Share below :point_down: and see you on! :saluting_face:


I made this Discord bot for interacting with LLMs and decided it was shit, so I began to recode it.

Big mistake… I have to somehow serialize multiple objects, maps, and an array between restarts. HELP.

oh! I was just listening to this interview with Douglas Crockford on message serialization technologies!

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it’s weekend and I’m trying to put together post for my thread in the gallery with some charts. I’m plotting averages and standard deviations. and I’m in awe at how dumb the error bar system in google sheets is.

you can use the same constant/percentage error on each data point. who ever wanted that?

or there’s this even stupider feature to get the standard deviation across various bar values and to draw that on each bar. whoever added that feature has a seriously warped understanding of what charts are meant to show.

y’all see how dumb this is

the solution is to create a separate data series for every single bar and to type in a “constant” error for each thusly single-data-point series.

addendum: my biologist friend used her ~$142 GraphPad Prism to render the chart for me Speeding up a custom-built Nix package installer - #4 by wh0. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I have to post the second chart with times of the actual program next time.

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Hi everyone! I have been travelling for some time (I didn’t had time to check out the Glitch Community), but I’m back again.


Very interesting article.


Btw, did the forum change it’s favicon?

see Different icons for editor, terminal, and forum


learned a weird thing about glitch: I just had a project suspended, so I went to download it, and it gives you a file with extension .tgz, but it’s not gzipped at all. it’s just a tar file.

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ye that got me. I was not happy