Community Open Thread 13 - December 9, 2022

Hello Glitch pals, happy Friday! In case you missed it, all this month we’ve been celebrating the amazing parts of Glitch that we are thankful for. Today, we give a shout out to our active, helpful creators here on the forum: @tiagorangel2011, @wh0, @javaarchive and all of you who have shared your creations, knowledge, feedback, and overall awesome energy all throughout 2022!

:speaking_head: Another ICYMI: our call for nominations for our end of year roundup, Last Year on Glitch, is open until next Friday. Have your voice and code heard!

:smiling_face: Okay one more link, and this one I’m really excited about: we’re growing the Glitch team! We’re looking for a staff frontend engineer to help us build the next generation of Glitch in the new year.

Have a great weekend and tell us what will you be working on! I’m going to be researching how to make fediverse bots for a future livestream, starting with all the great resources that @stefan has built and shared via Botwiki.


Thank you so much!

Already voted!

Great idea, I’ll start doing a bot for mastodon also!

:raised_hands: aw thanks!

updates from the last while:

I learned how to make a modification to Debian package: downloading the sources using apt-get, installing the build dependencies, and using the right command to build. oh and doing it all in Docker. and cross architecture :skull:

and with that I was able to get the graphics driver working on a really old netbook yay :confetti_ball:

github sent me a notification about express and qs having a vulnerability so I went and updated this one old project that now goes by the name Shardsnap (forum post A prototype bot relay for Discord).

then I got into updating all the other dependencies, and that included the sample projects, and that included the one that uses discord.js. and I was upgrading from v12 to v14. it was pretty darned hard. they had migration guides for v12 → v13 and for v13 → v14, but they really left out some imo important points.

my belated sympathies to everyone who was grappling with the new .cache mumbo jumbo that no migration guide told us about :candle:

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Ah github has been doing that forever for me
I made a little chat app in flask in like 2017 and it has been emailing me every week ever since to update flask. Now that heroku free tier is withering away, the last online instance will be gone soon anyways.

Thanks for the mention!

I’m actually a bit shocked right now, I haven’t seen any glitch tweets recently on twitter (for like more than a week) even though I’m shown as following, I’m curious if the folks over at glitch and fastly might consider starting a mastodon instance to connect with the rest of the mastodon fediverse, since apparently people get more visibility there.


That’s true!