Community Open Thread 25 - June 2, 2023 🌞

Happy Friday, and June! My allergies are kicking my butt but the sunshine feels too good to stay indoors these days. Something I’m not allergic to: hyperlinks!

Oh! Next week we’re launching our next chapter of Glitch Community Testing! If you can see this page without an error it means you’re already in our community testers group. If not, post below that you’re interested in joining so you can be first in line to see what our team’s been working on. This iteration of community testing involves enabling Fastly features within the Glitch editor! :exploding_head:

Oh (pt 2)! Our help center migration is happening next week on Wednesday, June 7 once the business day closes. I’ll have more info about this as we get closer to that day, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up that if things don’t go smoothly there may be some downtime during our off-hours.

Okay, I’m done typing; it’s your turn now - let us know what you’re working on and what’s been catching your interests this week!


Could I join?

Yo! I’ve been dealing with allergies too, I feel you :frowning:
I’ve been working on CrowdCards though! I’m moving logging in to a modal, and using Svelte Legos for some fun modals :slight_smile:

pollen is also an enemy of mine…

I’d be interested in joining the testing group - I would have thought that signing up to the beta program through the bannet in the glitch editor would have added me but maybe this is a different thing?

Recently I’ve been learning rust by launching myself into the deep end by writing a compiler for compiling scratch projects to webassembly… i’ve got myself stuck in a massive refactor at the moment and I don’t understand any of the code I’ve written.

It’s also exciting to see progress being made in v8 towards some exciting webassembly proposals including multiple memories, 256 bit SIMD vectors, which are both in development, and tail calls finally landed in chrome 112, with extended consts now in 114… it’s all very exciting!

And webGPU is now enabled by default in chrome as of v113, though not on mobile yet… still very exciting!


This would be great!

I actually always have a bad time finding bugs :sweat_smile:

Cool! I’m curious to know more about the upcoming Glitch Community Testing! What can we expect from the new chapter and the Fastly features being introduced in the Glitch editor?

is it normal to have xr hardware these days? I still haven’t gotten on board with buying something in that category. but there’s an ancient 3D TV that I could hook up :see_no_evil: , that’s probably the closest thing.

NixOS (and Nixpkgs?) 23.05 is out, so I’m fiddling through compiling that for Glitch

Just added you and, yes, this is a different thing - kind of like the alpha testing to that list’s beta test.

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same here, have an ancient 3d tv but need to figure out how to display things in 3D

hello! i usually lurk in the shadows of this forum but i’m glad to have a reason to post again!

over the weekend, i conducted a workshop on WebVR at a hackathon hosted at my school, and i’m extremely glad to inform you that my decision to use Glitch did not disappoint me the least (apart from annoying google captchas probably because of the sudden influx in guest remixes) - everyone was able to instantly start working on the project by remixing without signing up which is something almost all cloud-based editors lack. additionally, i took a trip down memory lane with the A-Frame starter projects and fun fact, those projects are still alive and kicking!

(this is not jenn)

in a slightly disappointing turn of events, Google Cardboard was discontinued and i couldn’t really demo the vr apps i built at the hackathon :frowning:

tl;dr: glitch works suuuuuper well in classrooms


so glad to hear from you, and congrats on your workshop! what else have you been making these days?

you got my hair though! :joy:

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i’m so glad you asked! i had a math competition (about math in technology) and i built a bunch of cool projects that generates sounds from fractal[1] art (and vice-versa)! here’s one project where a Koch fractal “dances” to a Marshmello song, based on musical properties.

  1. Long story short, fractals are beautiful respresentations of a series of numbers based on a formula plotted on a graph ↩︎

is that site private?

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oops, my bad, should be fixed now! (click anywhere to start!)