Community Open Thread 41 - What do you mean it's spring edition 🌬️

Happy Friday! Someone in the office the other day mentioned it being spring and I was like “Spring, where?” I don’t care what that groundhog saw, this rain and cold winds are killing the vibe. ANYWAY, here are some links to keep us warm over the weekend:

I want to close out this open thread with a note for/about @keithk. Today’s his last day at Glitch after a whopping 5 years here! Yesterday, a bunch of us got together to one-by-one say very nice things about him, to him, and I just can’t ever pull it together enough to contribute to those kinds of goodbye gatherings without bawling my eyes out in front of everyone, so I’m going to do it here where you can’t see me cry.

One of the top highlights of my career was hiring Keith when I was leading the .com (community site) engineering team. Very shortly after, I put him in charge so I could grow our support and community efforts and because I knew he’d do 100x a better job at managing the .com team than I ever could. That takes a lot of trust and collaboration, which is especially hard in the ambiguous and chaotic world of tech startups, but it’s always been easy with Keith. I’ll always remember, value, and hold as a model our partnership over those 5 years and I can’t wait to see what he creates on Glitch as a community member without admin privileges on here. I did give him mod though, so watch yourselves :purple_heart:


the team is getting more resources to focus on Glitch in 2024. It’s not the same Glitch we were building five years ago, but an entirely new focus

ominous. thanks

Not gonna speak for Keith (that’s who you’re quoting, yeah?) but I didn’t realize it seemed mysterious and ominous what we are working on - we are building the new Glitch out in the open with when we haven’t really given the community site a lot of love in several years, and we have been working on updating containers which we certainly weren’t doing at a regular cadence. I’d like to know if there’s anything in particular you’re worried about!

Glitch has had good principles. I just hope it’s not too different :person_tipping_hand: