Custom discord bot status

How and where do I put a bot custom status? I’ve been trying a lot of different things and they don’t work.

Are you using master or stable version of Discord.js?

I have a few code example
since i am Unsure which Version Of Discord.js you may be Using

try this:


or this

client.user.setActivity("with depression", {
  type: "STREAMING",
  url: ""

or maybe this:

client.user.setStatus('dnd', 'Made by KwinkyWolf') 

Oh for and for that one dnd means Do Not Disturb

and let me get the List

  • online
  • idle
  • dnd
  • invisible it will apper offline

Just Type any of those in place dnd to change it

Hope those Help Let me know if they work

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Also worth having a look at

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I type invisible and it won’t go offline.

It looks like it’s offline but it’s not kinda like how real users can do that too

client.once('ready', () => { client.user.setActivity('Bots', { type: "WATCHING" }); });


Hey I Wanted To Ask That At Which Line Do I Put The Code At?

const dbd = require("dbd.js")

const bot = new dbd.Bot({
token: "Token", 
prefix: "/"

name: "ping", 
code: `Pong! \`$ping\` ms` 

Hi @Arblxstxc

It looks like you’re using dbd.js which is a bit different to discord.js, can’t guarantee it has the same methods. It looks like quite a young library too.

In a “normal” discord bot, I think you can put the code from Boofhead’s post in between any other handlers in your bot, where you have access to the client (or bot) object.

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Did you find it yet?

If you haven’t found it, I suggest asking on their official discord server.

Happy Glitching! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: