Custom loading screen on Glitch projects


Since Glitch projects sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, when you enter the page (project I’m working on: you face the Loading... screen. The only issue is that it doesn’t fit your website what-so-ever. Is there anyway to change it or is this comming soon. If there is no way to change it then I hope it will become a feature. ;D

(If I made any grammar/punctuational mistakes then please don’t complain)


When you say ‘it doesn’t fit your website’ do you mean your own site as opposed to ours? We’re working at the moment on a more neutral design for the loading screen. We don’t have plans to make it user-configurable, but if we did it’d likely be a paid-for feature down the line.


I mean user-made website’s. Not Glitch’s website.


Thanks for clarifying - so yeah, hopefully the new more neutral Loading page design will be less of an issue for you once it’s in place.


Okay, thanks! Also, I find that the page refreshes a lot when loading/intializing too, is there anyway to stop that since some users may have a bad internet connection and it could appear as an issue for them.


We’ll also be removing that in the new design!


c: Thanks for your help. I’m glad the refresh will be removed as it was quite annoying.