Delete the domain affiliated with a project


I want to delete a domain ( linked to the project websiteo, thanks in advance

Hey @zeis974 we can delete this domain for you, but it’s in a bit of an awkward spot so I want to make sure we (Glitch) understand how it got into this state before we remove it.

It appears that that domain’s been registered with Glitch but does not exist on the side of things. The only way I can think of that that would happen is if it was manually removed from separately from being removed from Glitch, and I think the only way for that to take place is for the domain to be removed manually by the Fly team. Out of curiosity, did you ask them to remove that domain from their end of things before posting here?

Hey @zeis974 I apologize for the confusion; I just noticed that the domain we do have registered for that project is a different domain ( is not registered to a Glitch project that we can see.

Sorry for the confusion!

Hey @cori sorry for the mistake I created an account on but I did not register with Github saw that my account Glitch and link has Github. Thank you for removing the domain ^^

I will try to delete my account on fly to link to Glitch I keep you informed

Hey @zeis974 I haven’t removed anything yet - I didn’t want to do something you didn’t want. If you’d like us to remove just let me know and we’ll take care of it.



Ah, yes, that domain is registered with Glitch, and is registered to one of your deleted projects. Shall I remove that one and leave as is?

Hi Cori after almost 10 tries I can not link a domain to Glitch even via Fly, so you can delete domains, and (it’s make a lot)

Yes it’s actually a lot thanks for the help even with the FAQ on the areas his understanding is not very clear especially for people who do not understand big things in this kind of stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try this again in the near future

I don’t see is our or Fly’s systems right now. I can remove (which is a different domain than and

Ok thank you I will see with the support of Fly for more details

Hey @cori , sorry to bother you again but the domain and does not seem to be removed from a Glitch project

Hey @zeis974 I’ve removed We don’t have a record for

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