Error with adding a custom domain

I sent a request to delete this domain to Fly and he told me that the domain had been removed from their side


It’s a problem with Gitch or …?

Hi @zeis974

Was this custom domain ever associated with one of your Glitch projects previously?

Yes to a project name “websiteo

Thanks for that info @zeis974! is not connected to anything on Glitch at the moment.

I contacted fly and they said that hostname is still associated with one of your sites outside of Glitch. So you will need to remove the hostname from that site by navigating here:

Let me know if that helps!

Yeah but the problem is that I already deleted the domain on the projects I deleted them :sweat_smile:

Ok, so I would advise you to doublecheck that you have disconnected that custom domain from all projects outside of Glitch. After you have done that, please try contacting support again. Be sure to tell them the following:

  1. You have disconnected the domain from your Glitch project(s)

  2. You have disconnected the domain from all other projects.

  3. You need to confirm that the domain is now not connected to any site at all.

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OK thanks i’ll try to do that