Deleted folder in a silly console slip


Hi there!

I’ve been working on a project for a little while now and loving Glitch. I just made a silly mistake in the console for my project, I went to go rm -R "copy of frontend" but forgot the quotes :frowning:.

This deleted my whole frontend folder which was full of nearly finished work. Is there a way to restore this folder?


Hi @notitatall,

We can restore the project to its latest backup before your mistake (we take backups more or less every 10 minutes).

What’s the project name? And when did the mistake happen more or less (including your timezone please)?


Awesome, thank you!

The project is asana-webhooks, I believe rolling back to about 15 minutes before my OP (Dec 7, 6:51 PM PST) should do the trick.


Hi @notitatall,

the frontend directory should be back in your project now :slight_smile: