Develop a bot for Discord server

Hi, I need a person or team to develop a bot for discord. For a fee, of course.

What a bot should be able to do:

  • Accept messages from users and send them to a certain channel, after which a person with access to this channel could send a message back via this bot. Feedback in short (There is a ready-made example).
  • Accept requests from users based on a specific template in the technical channel. If the request is satisfactory, then issue the role, otherwise report an error.

This is the main thing, then a little trivia:

  • Auto-issuing the role when logging on to the server.
  • Well, where is it without music?
  • Function with the role output when the reaction is clicked.

I apologize for my English.

I can make a bot for you server @entonil


Thank you for your work. Done efficiently and quickly.