Direct link to remix?


Hey! Great product :slight_smile:

Is there any way to directly link to remixing? I have a “template” I’m looking to share, however most people click “Join” rather than “Remix”. I want them to go straight to their own project!


Yes, you can! It’s not in the UI yet, but the format for the remix URL is!/remix/name/projectId

Where name is an arbitrary name that helps make the URL memorable/identifiable, and projectId you can get by viewing the console output in developer tools - it’s outputted to the console when your project loads. You can also get it by running application.currentProjectId() in the dev tools console. Putting those together you’ll get something like:!/remix/alexa-skill/681cc882-059d-4b05-a1f6-6cbc099cc79c

If you have any problems getting the projectID, then let me know the project name and I’ll create the link for you.


An environment variable like PROJECT_REMIX_LINK could be pretty handy for this.


It’s already possible - Remix URLs have the format!/remix/project-name, and we provide a PROJECT_NAME env variable


The URL pattern to use to import/remix from a URL (e.g. a github repo) is:!/remix/clone-from-repo?&REPO_URL=$URL

where $URL is the git URL (source).