Discord Bot Project Suspended: Please Help!

Hello Glitch Support Team. So recently I was making a new command on my discord bot (http://luigibeta.glitch.me/). It was semi-complicated and required a lot of things that I knew would need testing in the future. So I then saved the code, copied it to Glitch, and rebooted the bot, expecting it to bug. And it did- only not in the way I expected. I ran the command once, and the ‘rich presence’ (the thing below the bot’s name that says the guilds or users it has), and I had to rewind the bot a bit due to it not working. I tried to run it again, and now the project is deleted. Please, if you can help it would be much appreciated, as my project is not malicious in any way or form.

What modules did you use

Also what do you mean by deleted (does it ssy project suspended or is it not found ect)

Ree mobile

Not 100% sure what modules I used but they were all installed via npm and none of them were violating rules
EDIT: I got the modules: discord.js, fstorm, jimp, valid-url, express, list-array, ejs

Hi @tee-bee, your project was using more than the limit of 1Gb of node modules stored in the shared module space, which is what was causing the suspension. The largest package you were using was the ffmpeg-binaries package, so I removed that package from your package.json file and your project is no longer being suspended, so you should be able to access it once again.

Sorry for the bother!

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