Discord bot sending 2 welcome embeds at once

I need help with this issue when a user on Discord would join my server, my bot would send a welcome embed twice instead of once. I’ve looked into the logs to see if there was any error, refreshed terminal and so on but I still couldn’t seem to figure how out to fix this problem. Here is how my welcome code looks like and here’s a screenshot of the 2 welcome embeds.

Script: Welcome Embed Code - Pastebin.com

Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

Id say close the application where you code in ex visual studio. and close your executer. ex cmd
repoen everything, you may have 2 of something open. If that doesnt work, regenerate a new token. Should work after that :+1:

Hey @Serenity, can you recreate your token from DevPortal? Generally fixes it.

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I remember this happened to me before. I hosted it on 2 different places so both of them kept executing the commands. So either you should remove one of them or reset your discord token