DiscordJS and Machine Learning

Project URL: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/ai-discord-bot

This is a discordjs bot using Dialogflow

Remix the above project

You will want to create an agent in the dashboard

Go to Agent settings

turn on beta features and api

Copy the dev token and place in in the env variable “AKEY”

Then navigate to intents

Go to default fallbacks and get rid of the responses so your bot doesnt reply to every message

Create a new intent with training phrases and a response

The bot will respond with any sentance that includes a keyword from your phrase

Navigate to training

You will want to mark the correct messages with a tick and mark messages you dont want your bot to respond to with a cross

Then click approve

Your bot shouldnt respond to the keyword anymore but it will respond to the sentance

Carry on doing this until youre happy with your bot (:


Seems very cool! Possibly helpful for beginners who haven’t handled coding yet and are looking for a UI based method. :slight_smile: Assume it’s free


100 requests per minute afaik


Also they have many prebuilt agents you can use