Web dashboard for discord.js

Hello. I’m trying to create a web dashboard to my team’s discord.js bot, but we don’t know how to do it. Any help?

what are u asking for help on? like launching it or what? the one i use is using ejs. ill send u the guide my friend made

If you can, please send it. It should help.

Bunch of questions:

  1. What framework for frontend?
    a) React / Vue / Angular
    b) Everything else (html rendering nor js rendering*)
  2. What framework and PL for backend?
    a) Node.JS - Express, restify over express , etc.
    b) Other languages - other frameworks, but the idea is a REST API for your backend

Next, you start making an API for everything you need to display - stats, bot’s commands, etc. If you’ll be using Node and Express, then check some articles about code splitting for routes in Express (just google ‘router express nodejs’)

And then - get and display all stuff on your webpage. Easy.

* js rendering - here I mean that all the collected stuff you’ll get from your DB will be put to the page through JS script

I don’t know anything about creating an dashboard for my team’s bot. What we want:

  • Modify the ban, warn, kick, etc messages;
  • Change the prefix;
  • Give the info about each server,
  • Add custom commands.

Man, that’s your problem and also your team’s problem that you cannot code. Noone here would be a free-programming-teacher, so you have to develop by yourself.
There is a plenty of books and courses right on your fingertips. Go ahead.

Saying “what we want” means that you are hiring someone? Is it polite there?

We’re not hiring. I just want to know HOW THE HELL can we connect the bot files to the dashboard?

EDIT: And that was a list, so you can know what we need help, and what we want to know how to link.

You don’t have to.

All you need is some kind of API that will run in the bot’s project. It will be changing the data, reading it / writing it.

Then, on the web page you fetch the data using the API you’d created. You make a request - get a response and visualize it. Is it that hard?

You could use socket.io, I did it one time and it was working well:)

Ok. Do you know any good tutorials for html?

You should check Youtube or like https://www.w3schools.com/html which is a great website for all your questions:)

check this out. i posted the guide here

It doesnt’t work. :confused: It just gives me a starting page

Nevermind. It loaded now.