Do you can change my email bro?

hello sir can you change my old email because that is my email deleted, please help me thank you

Since you cannot email, we can ping @Glitch_Response.

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do you mean that is a inbox?

hey why i didnt receive a reply from support hmmm i ping @support_staff for now please answer me

@RiversideRocks, what is @Glitch_Response? I thought it was @glitch_support!

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why support email didnt reply my email yeah

Just give them some time.

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soo long time but not problem hmmmm because its free probably hahaha

I thought @Glitch_Response somehow emails Glitch but Iā€™m not sure.

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i dont need whatever anything problem but i just need replying what is my problem to changing my old email huft

just waiting response email,twitter,and posting

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why support team is too long to responding hmmm