Domains broke again!

Within the last 2 months this has already happened twice so I’m copying the same thing I said earlier :confused:

My sites is down again. Glitch needs to fix the domains, if someone hooks a domain up to something that’s likely because it’s a commercial product/they want to share it. These downtimes are really bad.


Oh c’mon! Why does this happen every time?

Seems like I am currently facing the same issue on one of my apps in production. Thanks for your support on this and let me know if there is any info I can provide to help getting this fixed. Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup also down here again. Same as 2 months ago… Guess we will have to wait a week again.


If your custom domain is not working, please send us a support request (if you haven’t done so already). We are looking into this issue now.

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seems to work again but not gonna get too excited haha. moving my frontend to netlify and keeping the backend on glitch, just so the domain issue won’t affect me anymore