Custom domains down?

It looks like the custom domain I am using for a glitch project (using and cloudflare) is either loading extremely slowly or not at all. Directly accessing the project as a subdomain works fine. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

For my custom domain, I’m just getting “Not found: mydomainname”.

Hey, what is your custom domain?

I don’t really want to specify exactly what it is, but why do you ask? I could specify the registrar or other info, I just don’t want to name exact domain.

It looks as if one or two domains were having an issue that was overloading the custom domain system, but that there’s been a reset of some things that should help — is your domain still having trouble, or did that clear it up?

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I ask as my custom domains seem to work fine/fast, it could be just you however

looks like it’s all good now, thanks!

It appears mine is still down.

You should reach out to