Easier way to reference assets

Right now, assets must be referenced via their automatically generated CDN url, like: https://cdn.hyperdev.com/us-east-1%3A854d351f-84ed-4a7a-9fc9-bba1d0555cc6%2Fweathericons-regular-webfont.woff.

This makes it harder to use libraries like weathericons. The installation instructions assume the assets (fonts) can all be dumped in a directory relative to the CSS file.

The work-around is to manually edit the CSS file to refer to the CDN addresses. Thankfully weathericons only has 5 assets.

Is there any way to integrate the assets into the project folder hierarchy?


@etamponi put together an example project, assets.js, which allows you to use any path to serve your assets: https://hyperdev.com/#!/project/checker-spike

But we’ll also be looking into ways to make the assets more user-friendly.


Hi Gareth -
Your project URL 404s for me… has there been any update on this?

I’m considering using Glitch for a beginner front-end course this semester and it would be helpful to have a way to reference assets using relative paths to give students the opportunity to understand the difference between absolute and relative.


Yes, it’s at https://glitch.com/edit/#!/assets-lib


Thanks Gareth -
I’m wondering if there has been any progress on supporting this natively? Your project is definitely useful but I think it’s a bit too much overhead for beginner students (most have little to no experience with even HTML).

We now provide the ability to create a website, rather than an app, when creating a new project which is easier for inexperienced users to get started.

But specific to relative URLs, no, so if they’re essential to your course I suggest creating a template project which has assets-lib setup already that your students can remix from to get started. You can use .gitignore to hide those files from the file tree if you think they’ll be confusing.

Gotcha - wasn’t aware gitignore’d files were also invisible in the web interface. Very helpful, thanks!


What I usually do for my projects in Glitch is to expose the public folder as a static directory through my web server for small assets. Asset-lib also works if you don’t to run out of space.

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Am I right in thinking this works for Node apps only and not basic web pages?

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