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Same issue here… i can’t access any of my projects.

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Same problem. Can’t open the editor but can access my projects via https://periodic-jonquil.glitch.me/

I’ve tested with no account and I’m not getting errors i saw on one of the forms that it said unable to login with GitHub, but i can, so idk, even when i made a new account same issue so that draws out account like suspension for some reason.

i’m getting same error all of you have as well. in case a glitch.com admin is here, i’m using firefox. i turned off AdBlock Plus but no difference. the analytics js file is still blocked and can’t load any editor pages.

@support_staff can you help us resolve this? seems to be affecting dozens (or more) people

other threads:

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I’ve been having the same issue. Can’t create any projects, which includes importing them from Github.

Following the previous lead of a specific tracking domain being blocked, I disabled PrivacyBadger, uBlock Origin, Disconnect, and Firefox’s built-in blocker. Did not help.

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Hey @Atulin,

With the glitch editor page open on firefox, do you see any errors in the developer console? Usually F12 opens it.

Same problem here. I’m unable to reach both my editor and project from my mobile phone (using Chrome).

Interesting, that I can access all of my other project, just the most important core one not.

My project is called customworld by the way (private).

I have same problem. I can access the web app, but the editor seems to have undefined error.

By the way, my project were affected is movingtogitlab-guidebooks, but maybe affected to my other projects.

Based on the Glitch Status, its seems the problem was resolved, but still having issues on the Code Editor. What should I do?

Segment has been on the site for ages. I have uBlockOrigin blocking it anyway and it doesn’t make any difference with the site.

I inform that my project and editor is currently back up, I hope this state will last for very long time.

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Oh yes, errors galore! Take your pick

Got it working in Edge Canary eventually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had the same problem
Then I turned off antivirus filtering on this page and it has helped :smiley:

Hi there - so sorry for the issues you’ve encountered accessing your projects. We just rolled out a fix for this - please could you refresh your editor and see if that’s helped matters?


Working This Morning

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Same here back to working!

I would like to be contacted about a thing I noticed, I’m very curious on how anonymous mode people don’t have a problem… Luckily I was still able to make changes with an invite code I happend to send an invite to a friend on 12/17/19.

Thanks for addressing this!

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@jpvajda Welcome to the Glitch forums!

Yes the error was in a piece of code that runs only for logged in users, so that’s why you didn’t run into the issue when you edited anonymously.