Dont allow failures to block the Glitch editor

The network at work blocks certain domains for privacy reasons. One of these is and

It looks like Glitch uses segment to track user interactions, but if these requests fail, the editor app fails to load:

i got on another nearby WiFi network which didn’t block those domains, and it worked again. once i switched back, those failing requests killed the editor again.

I’t be awesome if we could opt out of tracking, or just prevent these errors from killing the host application.

Same problem here, but Ive been using the same network and same PC for many days and the problem didnt appear until a couple of hours ago

Thanks for filing this - in general we don’t block editor access if calls to Segment fail. However yesterday we pushed out a modification to how we were tracking, and that caused issues for many signed in users. We just rolled out a fix though, so this shouldn’t happen again. Let me know if it’s working for you again, and apologies for the inconvenience!