Editor keeps frezing


im in my project and while im scrolling around it keeps freezing for no reason https://glitch.com/edit/#!/arrascraft-io


Hi @geoffrey1900 I’m not seeing anything odd in your editor right now; are you still seeing problems? When you say it keeps freezing, what do you mean, exactly?


well it locks up for about a mnute and it stops working tho it will unfreese and keep freezing again and again


It could be an issue with the device/browser your using the editor on.

When it freezes, does the browser process stop “responding”. (It usually says Not Responding in the window title if your on Windows) If it is the browser freezing up then it’s likely an issue on your side, not Glitch’s.


no all my other tabs are fine and just this one freezes and every other tab is fine so it wouldnt be my end