My Project seems to be frozen

The last few days I’ve been unable to get past a frozen screen on my project, Birdybook.

Edit to add: Inside Safari I can see it’s console logging on a loop. I’m sure I can figure it out since Safari is loading the editor now.

As this is the first code I’ve ever written, I have crashed my stuff a bunch of times and I believe I was mid-edit on something crashy the last time I worked on it, and was interrupted to the point of not getting back to it that day.

Couple thoughts: It seems to work on safari right now, but not Chrome, where I usually work. Last night it was freezing less quickly on Safari (freezing instantly on Chrome) but still freezing in a matter of seconds.

On Chrome it was resolving with a “dead page, kill it or keep waiting?” popup.

Anyway, since this instant it appears it might work on safari, I’m going there to see if I can find an error, but I wanted to get this posted to see if you can help this novice figure out what’s up. Thanks.

Hi John,

do you have the preview window open when the editor gets stuck? We know there is a problem with the preview window if the page is too heavy to load or you set some breakpoints.

I appreciated your response and it helped to close the preview window; then I was able to find the loop and correct. Thanks.