EnMap Error || enmap@5.2.4 requires a peer of better-sqlite3@^5.4.1 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself

Hi when i write npm install enmap i get error ;

When i write npm i better-sqlite-pool i get error;

When i write npm i -g --add-python-to-path --vs2015 --production windows-build-tools i get error

Please help me.

Hey Buhari!

It’s not an error but a warning; thus, feel free to neglect it. If you want to integrate a persistent database, you can install better-sqlite-pool, Enmap will automatically recognize and initiate a persistent database, memory otherwise.
Furthermore, I would recommend you to enable PNPM instead of NPM on your project. You should be able to do it by running enable-pnpm in your Terminal. Now, to add the better-sqlite-pool package either use the builtin “package adder,” which can be accessed by opening package.json file and clicking on the “Add a Package” button. Alternatively, you can install it manually pnpm add better-sqlite-pool.

If the issue persists, please let me know. Good luck and Happy Glitching!

still same i get error npm install better-sqlite-pool and npm install enmap