Error 404 - Page Not Found

Anyone able to help? All my other projects work perfectly fine, and this is probably the most important one.

Do you have a index.html file ?

I do, but having a site isn’t important. It’s a discord bot. Bot works, I just can’t keep it online.

The try using a pinging service like ot

I would, but it won’t work. The Project hasn’t got a webpage for some reason to ping.

Then make one! You don’t need to send an actual html file. You can add a response to a get request really easily with express on Node.js. Just search express routing or use the code inside of the express example on Glitch. You can use something like:

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
res.send('I am working!')

Edit: you need to be using Express for this to work. Just install it via package.json and then define it as app with:

const app = require('express');