Fastest Way to go from quick.db to mongodb

I am thinking of uploading all of my bots quick.db data to the database. I am using this because it is much more reliable in my opinion, and if the project gets suspended for some reason, I don’t have to worry about that.


:card_file_box: Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends.


  • Easy-to-use : Endb has a simplistic and easy-to-use promise-based API.
  • Adapters : By default, data is stored in memory. Optionally, install and utilize an “storage adapter”.
  • Third-Party Adapters : You can optionally utilize third-party adapters or build your own.
  • Namespaces : Namespaces isolate elements within a database to enable useful features.
  • Custom Serializers : Utilizes its own data serialization methods to ensure consistency across different backends.
  • Embeddable : Designed to be easily embeddable inside modules.
  • Data Types : Handles all the JSON types including Buffer .
  • Error-Handling : Connection errors are sent through, from the adapter to the main instance; connection errors will not exit or kill the process.


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I will try that. Thanks.

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