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Dude this is awesome! I’ll definitely be trying it out

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Thanks for the valuable feedback, @shadowdevelopment!

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rly… at least add mine into the comparison so i can roast… (yea, this is copying, not cool, for the most part, i like the fact that you use an internal database, thank you very much for that, just another way to make devs eat me and my bff’s dust)

@chroventer looking at the code, it is just using sql and hosting, mine uses none of that, but just plain curl, arrays, objects, and good ol es6

now, im in the competition, lets see who can come out in top, you got 48 hours to improve your database and make it much more advanced than mine is already, if you win… well, i will explain that part in messages, but it does mean removing something

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  1. Use edits instead of multiple posts in a row
  2. This is just a framework for sql to make it easier and faster, and he says so at the beginning
  3. its not really a competition, its two different ways to do the same thing. Some users may prefer one, while others prefer another.


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Looks Good @chroventer. However, I would suggest adding benchmark and comparison with other popular wrappers like quick.db , enmap etc.

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Hello @Ashutosh-3601, @shadowdevelopment!
If you’re willing to use or contribute to the package, please feel free to do that.
Here’s an example of the database setup on Glitch: https://glitch.com/~endb
Thanks again for the valuable feedback and support!


@chroventer check yo dms :smiley: stupid pings gave me an idea

SQLite is written in C and endb in nodejs, yet endb still runs WAY FASTER.
endb FTW
Also, would it work to use endb as a backend database for a glitch discord bot?

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@javaarchive, it is faster because it uses the better-sqlite3 module which is faster than other sql libraries.
I prefer making my own sql wrappers and classes for the project itself, also, I don’t really take seriously the fact that people make NoSQL dbs in SQL world. That’s strange; why don’t you use MongoDB, for instance?

This is a really simple and easy to use database. By the way the documentation on github and npm for creating a database are conflicting. One says to use new Endb( "scheme") while github says to use new Endb({"uri":"scheme"})

Nice, might try it one day when i need a db


How would I make an Auth page with this? Do you have or could make a guide?

The GitHub repository is for the development version, whereas npm has the stable version of Endb. You can, however, use either of the methods to create an instance.

Hi there, just curious does endb have locking to prevent conflicts? If not I suggest you add it in with this simple interface(https://www.npmjs.com/package/async-lock)

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it is said that better-sqlite3 is synchronous, which would prevent conflicts that come from concurrent access.