Feature Request: simple .db explorer for the default sqlite server


User story:
As a glitch user I am learning how to use .db in my node applications. I find it difficult to use the default sqlite server because I am constantly worried I might be accidentally resetting the .db or creating new ones every time my server.js starts up (which is a lot of times). Also, I can’t check the contents of my .db file without printing out the entire thing.

Why this is needed:
It should be easier to see if you testing/learning glitch app is storing things the way I expect/want it to. As a learning user I need to be able to “check my work”. This is easy in html and css because you just look at the page you’ve created, but not as clear with .db files.

A simple table-view grid-style explorer for .db files used by the default sqlite server. Some kind of editor to be able to view each element in the .db file. maybe edit elements or add rows/columns as another additional feature.