Firebase deploy indefinitely loads after logging in


I remixed one of Google’s Firebase starter projects; it’s at important-chopper-1. When I open firebase.json, click on Deploy to Firebase, and log into my Google Account, a Log Out of Firebase button appears and the Deploy to Firebase button shows a loading indicator.

At this time, according to the help video, a a list of my Firebase projects is supposed to appear. However, the loading indicator never stops, and the list of my Firebase projects never appears.

Refreshing the project page at this time seems to log me out of Firebase as if I had never clicked Deploy to Firebase.


Hi @js-choi, sorry for the bother!

We’ve found that under some circumstances the Firebase projects API returns an empty list of projects even after you’ve logged in. We haven’t been able to come up with enough information to allow Google to fix the problem, which appears to be on their end.

If you just want to be able to deploy, you can use the Firebase CLI, which should be installed in your project; the docs for that are here. You also might have luck by adding another authorized user to the Firebase project you want to deploy to; that seems to have fixed up whatever permissions problems were blocking this for other users.

If you’re interested in helping us troubleshoot this, you could send us a screenshot of before and after you add a new user (assuming the project shows up in Glitch’s list after adding a new user). You can email that to or send myself or @support_staff a message in Discourse.


Thanks for the reply. A list of Firebase projects never appears in Glitch after clicking on Deploy to Firebase and logging into Firebase, so I never have a chance to specify any Firebase project to associate the Glitch project with, and no IAM permissions for Glitch ever get added to any of my Firebase projects.


Glitch doesn’t need IAM permissions to be added to your FIrebase projects; once you finish the Firebase login, your account should be the one providing the permissions. Unfortunately that doesn’t always work properly and that’s why you don’t get the list of projects. As far as we can tell the problem is on the Firebase end.

The CLI seems to work, but if you want to use the button you might try the workaround I provided - manually add some other account to the Firebase project’s users. In our experience that has (at least sometimes) fixed whatever the problem is in FIrebase and allows Glitch to be able to retrieve the project list.