"flash" : Simple memory, spelling, typing game for kids

Project URL: http://flash.glitch.me/

This project is a simple game to help your kid learn a few keys on the keyboard. My 4 year old has a good memory, is recognising words, starting to spell and knows the alphabet, so it has all started because of him.

It’s rather simple and you can see that the project above just has around 10 farmyard animals. However, for my boy who is train-mad I wanted a ‘Thomas and Friends’ game, so I remixed the above project and made this for him. I challenge you to know all of these and I’m up to about 160 characters (with various of the older ones left out) … good luck! :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any ideas, find any bugs, but moreso if you remix the game and upload your own images!!! If anyone makes a nicer design, that’d be awesome. :call_me_hand:


This is awesome! I love it. I’m going to definitely use it with my niece. Thanks for sharing :100:


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’d love to see what you do for your niece.

As always with most of my Glitch apps, I try and do one or two things in each app showing something new or different. And if anyone didn’t quite realise my latest two posts were related, it was because of this one I ended up writing https://www.npmjs.com/package/glitch-assets (as mentioned in this thread over here New npm package : glitch-assets).