Custom Domain - No 'hostnames'

OK, so I have been reading all the topics on using to have a custom domain, however for some reason they seem to be having some changes to the way it works. I understand that ‘sites’ are no longer a thing and we need to use ‘apps’ but now ‘hostnames’ and ‘backbone’ options are not there. There is no way to configure your DNS to point to your app, only verify your ownership so they can give you a certificate. Has anyone figured out what is going on? It’s almost impossible to get ‘thank yous’ so Glitch gives you one as almost nobody needs help or instead go to the forum. Can you do something with forum likes instead? @glitch_support

For now, you can use the built-in system in the glitch editor. Projects created before a specific update seem to have the CDN option which can allow you to add glitch projects but seems to have removed that system. The builtin glitch system however probaly won’t change as glitch has more control over it than did at some point recently change their model which had effectively negated a lot of the old forum posts about using them for custom domains. Custom domains on Glitch are still powered by, and when enabled through Glitch (after getting thanked twice) they still work well.

Getting two likes isn’t so bad, but if you really can’t wait in the mean time you can set up a redirect to your current * address through your registrar.

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Turns out I can get to hostnames by adding /hostnames but /cdn does not work. I don’t get the thought process here. Since @glitch_support have a good relationship with can they ask what is going on? How am I supposed to get thanks when nobody asks for help. They just come to the forum.


You can host your own custom domains as well. as a buissness offers a similar product compared to Glitch. They’re selling pay per use server time on their fly platform, which appears to be a more user friendly docker deployment. Their business model has shifted towards this and so it makes sense to drop free DNS services because that doesn’t fit with their current product.

I understand that it can be frustrating to get thanked on Glitch but the motivation behind that requirement really speaks to the goal of the platform. It’s a nice reward for giving back to the community, but considering Glitch is extremely generous with it’s free usage, I think it’s unfair to expect to get custom domains from the start. Especially considering that custom domains consume a lot of glitch support’s time. On any given day half of this forum is custom domain removal requests. I fear that if the thanking requirement were lifted, that problem would only escalate.

Also, I’ve noticed an increase of people asking for help on the homepage, I think you could easily get thanked twice inside of a few weeks.