Freenom -> CloudFlare -> Sites -> Glitch

I am getting
Bad Request
Contradictory scheme headers
when I use my custom domain.
SSL for Cloudflare: full(strict)
Using Force SSL middleware for sites
I am using flask for the app
project name:ironite

Now I’m getting error 526 from cloudflare
It says something about an invalid SSL certificate


I checked our registry for domains and I don’t see that is associated with a Glitch project. Did you set it up using the dialog in the Glitch editor?

The form would have looked like this:
A popup with the heading 'Custom Domains' and instructions to 'Add a domain that you've already purchased elsewhere alongside a text input

Since I didn’t get thanked enough at that time, just went to need to be signed in to view this) and created a site and linked my glitch project ( to it

This topic might help you.

I used this tutorial but added cloudflare between by configuring DNS in cloud flare with a CNAME, and used cloudflare name servers on freenom

Also http works but https doesn’t

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I’m order for HTTPs to work with Cloudflare you need to either:

  1. Enable Force HTTPS in

  2. or Change Cloudflare SSL permissions time Flexible (it’s on Full by default)

Trying option 2 I get

Bad Request

Contradictory scheme headers

This is what I mean:

(the example shown does use Full, however this is because that domain’s DNS points to my own server, not a one)