Github/Git Repo

I have a question here how do I get the git or github repository glitch has for my project? As said in the advanced tools in any project there is a link in which you can clone and pull from. My question here is how do I get the link of that git repository?

Hey again @Deniernal354!

The git address you need to use is under the Advanced menu you reach from your project’s name - it’s at the very top of the list there. You can git clone from that url just as it is to get your code locally, but if you want to be able to push to that remote you’ll have to use the provided git token, so the command would look something like git clone https://{{put your token here}}{{put your project name here}}/git. Here’s an illustration of how to access that information:


If you’re planning to push to that url you have to keep in mind that by default your project’s git repo on glitch has the master branch checked out and git won’t let you push to that branch while it’s checked out. You’ll need to work on a different branch locally, push that branch, and then go to your Glitch project’s console and run git merge my-local-branch to get that code live into your project.

Let us know if you have further questions, and happy Glitching!