GitHub Repository from Glitch Collection?

Is there a way to export all the code in my collection to one repository on GitHub? Or can I export multiple projects to the same existing repository?

I don’t think this is currently possible. I believe it would be a worthy feature request to be able to suffix glitch GitHub branches with the names of the project. This would be helpful in an organizational semantic sense in that a GitHub repository can be viewed as having multiple glitch managed feature branches.

I’m not completely familiar with the VSCode extension, but is it possible then to import mulitple projects to a master project in VSCode and then export everything to a GitHub Repository?

Hi @LauraDenney, welcome to the Glitch forum!

As @SirFizX notes this isn’t supported in Glitch. Each Glitch project has its own git repo on the backend, and the integrations with git / GitHub expect there to be a 1:1 relationship between the remote repo and Glitch’s repo. You might be able to set up multiple Glitch projects as submodules of a parent repo; that would require manual configuration and the parent repo would likely need to be managed somewhere outside of Glitch.

We’re planning some work on the git features in Glitch sometime down the road - we’ll have better answers to branching and merging, and a better overall git workflow, but I can’t say exactly when we might get to that work. That may be useful for portions of what @SirFizX describes, but I’m not sure it will help you here.

To be honest I’m not sure I understand the utility of what you’re asking after, which probably means I don’t understand some portion of your environment or workflow. Can you help me grasp that better so I can communicate this gap back to the rest of the team? Even a link to the collection you’re hoping to merge into a single repo might be educational for me.

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Thanks for the response, @cori!

I am currently working on creating some Javascript examples to demonstrate how to use a library. The library supports a web bluetooth connection to a Vernier GoDirect sensor. I created the examples in Glitch because it was the easiest way to develop the examples, especially for someone who has minimal professional code development expirience.

Ultimately, my goal is to put all the example projects into a samples folder of the library, or create a separate repository for all the examples. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to my collection of examples on Glitch:

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Hi @LauraDenney thanks for the additional information!

While Glitch doesn’t support the kind of arrangement you’re hoping for natively, one thing that might work would be to put together a single GitHub repo with all of your sample projects in their own subfolders, either inside your library repo or in their own repo. Glitch’s built-in GitHub Import allows users to Import from a subpath of the remote repo, so in your docs for the parent repo you could include steps to import specific samples to their own Glitch project.

That won’t help you get these projects into their own repo, which you’d still have to do manually, but would offer new users a convenient path forward to start any particular sample they’re interested in.