Glitch broke after latest update


After the latest update introducing the toolbar the glitch webpage has stopped working for me, the files dont update their syntax parsing, anything i write doesnt get saved and glitch says its connected regardless? Could anyone help me here?


Hi - which project are you having trouble with?


Any project of mine, they now do connect and update the code but Im still having a linting issue, glitch is only highlighting the JS file’s syntax properly, it seems to want to parse every file, even non-JS files like JSON and HTML as a JS file causing parsing errors in the linter. Here’s an example of what im saying: (this is on PACKAGE.JSON)
As you can see my JSON is 100% valid since glitch linter said it was fine before the update and i didnt change a thing.

Parsing Error :
Json error and color highlighting acting wierd

Hey @CheatTriggers we’ve had a couple of reports of that last issue with linting; we’re taking a look and will post back with updates.


I see this also and its a little disturbing


I was worried when i saw that. But i double checked and discovered it was correct… It sometimes happens with html i think.


Same thing here.
kinda got worried.