App not going live?

Hey there, I’m having trouble with my Glitch project. My app has been working just fine, but it suddenly stopped working some time ago.

I don’t exactly remember when did it stop working, but I think it was right before modifying package.json and installing some packages, and then the “Live” box went off and was replaced with a loading image. I tried remixing the project but the project doesn’t start there either. If you try accessing the app’s page, it just gets stuck in “Starting”. Maybe I messed up something and the code simply isn’t starting, help would be greatly appreciated.


After running client.js in my local computer I got:


Basically, it means:

Line 97, character 24, syntax error, compile error.

I’m asking for help, but looks like the community help feature is not much used

You have have an extra comma after the start command in your package.json file. Removing that fixes things up.

Wow, thanks a lot. It’s very stupid I did such mistake, thanks for the help!

I know I’m just one in a lot, but thanks for all the help you give to Glitch’s community, already seen you in quite a ton of posts!

Thank you! (You can go ahead and count all the "thank you"s)

As feedback, what about a syntax validator for .json files and a descriptive warning if an error is making your app not going live?