Glitch Forbidden (403) error

i keep getting a Forbidden (403) error

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Glitch has blocked ping services and gives them a 403. What exactly is giving you the 403 error?

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yeah that sounds about right, im using uptime bot to keep my bot up

Yeah, that must be it. Also, @tasha can we have this 403 thread merged with the other similar threads?

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That would be a good idea.

is there anyway to fix this and is using uptime bot even aloud?

Glitch has blocked ping services for the time being.

Glitch has only temporarily blocked pinging services and UptimeRobot is not banned (you can use it).


do you have an idea how long it might be blocked?

Nope, sorry! :slight_smile:

ok thank you for the help

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Woah @RiversideRocks Glitch is having a very rough API.

Wow! You would be correct.

My both bots is down from 2-3 days no up pings are also not working can anyone from the glitch administration tell me when it will be fixed

There is no ETA for how long this outage is going to last. Iā€™d recommend you to just be patient, or possibly in the meantime look for a different provider. If you want a temporary provider I can recommend you to buy Discord Bot Hosting at

Hey there just wanted to know will it be fixed before 25th June or it will take more time?

Nobody can say for certain, but the outage will likely last at least through the rest of the week so there is the possibility it could be over by then.

Almost one week still no solution can anyone tell me the exact date when it will be fixed or any solutions

At the moment, there is no exact wait. Sorry about that.

are there any news here? Still cant use uptimerobot :frowning: