Glitch Image Gallery


Project URL:!/image-gallery

A simple way to share your photos and images with Glitch and the PhotoSwipe library.

You can read a more detailed description on my website.


This is so so so lovely! I can’t believe how easy it is to just remix and upload some new images. Thank you.

I saw on the PhotoSwipe website that they have captions underneath their images (on the ‘All Controls’ example). Any thoughts on allowing something like this. I understand that once you start implementing more things it’s a case of figuring out when to stop, especially since PhotoSwipe looks like it allows a lot of configuration. Anyway, thanks for your brilliant example.


Thank you!

You can actually add the captions, but it requires a bit more work, see


Awesome! You thought of everything (and my eyes failed me when looking
earlier on, apologies). :slight_smile:


Ha, no worries, I’ll try to add a more prominent link to the customization section.