Glitch main pages not working

hi . Few days ago i saw glitch mainpage and profiles not working on my version of vivaldi(old browser). The panel where i edit the script is working very well.

i just wanted to let you know

guys have an amazing day , thanks for this service !

Hey @r8link, thanks for the heads up! Are you still seeing this issue today?

on the support . glitch . com is working,

only on glitch . com not working

Hey @r8link, what version of Vivaldi are you running? When I view that user profile page in Vivaldi 2.6 the page displays just fine for me.

vivaldi 1.6.689.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

the problem with new updates on browser is that they consume more resources from laptop (and i own an old one )

Hey @r8link I can verify that does not load in that version of Vivaldi, and I’m sorry for the bother. I’ve passed this information on to the rest of the team, but I’m not sure it’s something that will be addressed any time soon. I get where you’re coming from in using that version, but it’s pretty old and well outside of what we optimize for (which loosely equates to “the latest few versions of modern evergreen browsers”).

Hey @r8link I think you’ll be happy to hear that the team fixed the issue that was causing your version of Vivaldi to break on

I can’t guarantee that older versions of Vivaldi (or any browser) will be 100% supported, but in this case we were relying on something that could be replaced with something else that Vivaldi 1.6 supported, so we did!

Happy Glitching!