Glitch not letting me import code to github

So I’m trying to import my code to github so I don’t have to download the glitch code then unzip the file then file upload to GH every single time, but it’s not letting me, when I paste the git repo (that already has a file in it), I get an alert notification stating: “Sorry, we don’t support exporting using a sub-path at the moment.”, and I don’t get any info from my chrome devtools console, and my GH repo has all permissions allowed for 3rd parties, please help.

@canadiancoder95, you can import GithHub repositories only in the form user/repo and you cannot specify branches or sub-paths. At least, that’s what the error says!

I entered only my github username and just the repo name and it worked, it seems obvious now looking at it now lol, thanks for giving me that little nudge in the right direction

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