Glitch project very unresponsive, gives sometimes errors


Im from Germany. At the moment my Glitch projects are really strange and unresponisve. Is there anything going on. I get a server error from time to time, maybe there is some maintenance or some thiings going on.

Online editor is ded, project is up though :frowning:

Can some of the admins go to the servers and turn them on and off to see if this will make them work again please? :joy:

Hi JaielSoft, we don’t have any maintenance going on right now, but I can check your projects and make sure they are ok. Let me know if you’d like to share them with me. Any error messages you could share would help me figure out what’s going on. Also what browser are you using?

server is unresponsive

Project should be fine its just the online interface

Ah, what errors are you seeing? Will the editor load? Does the bot still work?

Yes Bot status is ok

Online interface is taking a lot of time to load a source file, getting Server error if it takes too long…Started to behave like that several hours ago and is now really bad so I can’t work on it anymore.

I dont know what the error is its still laoding since I made this post here, but something along the lines of Server error and that table flip smiley plus the contact link to contact you if the error persists

Oh no, yeah I hope I can help fix it. So did you see the error message in a popup?

yes, it said Server error

Does it look like the screenshot on this question?

Thats it with the table flipping emote yes.

The strange thing is I can access some sources without a problem but I set in the “watch.json” to apply changes to 10000 or so and that file is one of those that take a long time to load up. I jsut wanted to change several files at once I usually have it on 1000 in the watch.json but can’t change it back now :frowning:

It jsut loads and loads and loads and eventually gives me a server error

Wanted to also say thank you for helping. Glitch is a free service that I use and I get help super fast although as mentioned its a free service you provide. Really cool and hope you will get that business plan for elevated usage of your services ASAP so I can support your services.

Glitch is awesome

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re enjoying it, I looked at watch.json and made a change, can you try accessing it now?

It seems to respond normally now, hope it stays like it thank you :):grin:

Yay! I wonder what it is, maybe it didn’t like the value in the json file? Json files can be picky. I hope it stays working but if not let us know!

It wasn’t about that file. The Editor started some hours ago already to be unresponsive at times but went really bad when I made that topic here…

Guess some Server problems here in Europe or so

Its still not so responsive as to call it normal behaviour but not to the point that I can’t do things.

Just started to get my attention as messages from twitch chat came in with a 10 second delay or so which never happened before…

Hmm, interesting, yeah if the bot messages are slow, whatever this is happening is also affecting the bot so maybe it’s not just the editor. I will talk to my team about it.

It must be the online interface/editor. Saying the messages came in with a delay, I meant the logs on Glitch , sorry for not being clear.

Bot is running smooth no delay there jsut the online interface is delayed… @mmcewen

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Oh thanks, that’s useful. I’m talking to the team now. I’ve gotten this error before myself so I’m interested to see what causes it.


Hey any news on the issues from yesterday? Today I had on all my bots many spikes on my ping monitor, they were all code “504-Bad Gateway(timeout)”

Also my bot broke down while in use and some files got corrupted (thank god I have backups though). Was their any blackouts in service or so?